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Good News in Natomas!

To my neighbors in Natomas:

Update - Natomas remains in a zone A99 - But now all* homes are eligible for Preferred Rates (PRP) Policies. This means most homes (assuming primary residence) can be insured for $480. 

Back in December 2008 the Natomas basin was remapped in to a zone AE which triggered the flood insurance requirement. As of June 2015 the Natomas basin was reclassified as a flood zone A99.  This remapping will allow for new construction in Natomas while the levee repairs are ongoing. This remapping will not negate the need for flood insurance. Flood insurance will continue to be required until the levee repairs are completed and new maps are issued putting Natomas in to a zone X. No completion date has been announced and the project is expected to get started in 2017. 

As a Pocket/Greenhaven area resident I too carry flood insurance for my house. It is an expense I'd rather not have. But, I recognize the risk of living next to the Sacramento River.

*PRP rates are available for homes in zone A99 that meet loss history requirements.

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